To design a beautiful and lovely kitchen demands that you make use of your imagination to the best of your ability. It implies that you do everything possible to put your dream into reality. But to achieve this, one has to place more attention to ensuring that the products get the right position. All this points to the fact that a woman of the kitchen needs a rattan bread basket to keep everything in place.

Having the fruits in the pp rattan basket, fish in the steamer and spoons in the rack can give the result you desired. However, it is better when you keep things natural i.e., making leaf blends with organic materials.

More innovations arise due to the strong desire of man to add beauty to the kitchen environment. The polypropylene rattan baskets are a local multipurpose basket that serves beyond the four corners of the kitchen. It can be used in shopping, carrying books and most especially keeping fruits and agricultural products in the kitchen.

Below are the top 10 pp rattan basket you should consider before this year runs to an end;

1、Creative round fruit storage pp rattan basket flower basket.

Do you need a basket to store tomatoes and vegetables in the kitchen? Or a basket that is suitable for serving fruits on your dining table? Then this rattan basket should be your choice. The pp rattan basket has a unique design with a perfectly round shape and a very flat base.

Moreover, the passage of white rattan’s through the brown ones makes it worth checking out and colorful. It is so adorable when you neatly arrange your vegetables and berries into this basket.

The features including:


2、Adorable for anywhere in the house.

3、Less expensive and lightweight.

creative round fruit storage pp rattan basket small flower basket


2、Creative Fish Shape Plastic Woven Serving rattan basket.

The fish shape pp rattan basket portrays creativity at its peak. Its design is glamorous, and you would love to place it in any part of the house. You can use it to serve fruits on your dining table and very handy in storing vegetables in the kitchen.

You may like to wonder how could a fish like structure stay stable on a flat table? The product has a tripod stand that keeps its balance even under load. It also has a thin handle that runs from the tail of the fish to its head which you can easily swing when empty.


1、It is creative and beautiful.

2、It is environmentally friendly.

Creative Fish Shape Plastic Woven Serving rattan basket


3、Creative pp bread rattan basket hollow barrel basket.

The lovers of long bread would understand that those bread don’t arrange well on trays or in plastics. Therefore, you need this product to solve your inconveniences in keeping the leftover bread.

This product has ventilation to cool off your hot bread and to keep them fresh and tasty for longer. The baskets are made tall for the bread to maintain an upright position when place in it. The hollow pp rattan basket has large space to contain enough bread for a big family meal or a small evening party.

The features including:

1、It has a lightweight.


3、Can contains much content.

creative pp bread rattan basket hollow barrel basket


4、Creative pp rattan storage basket with an ice bag.

This basket should be your number one choice for a wine basket. It is specifically designed to keep wine and any bottled drinks cold. The basket comes with a cold trapping bag that can be zipped off. It is also possible to remove the bag in case you only need the basket to pack your bread or fruit. Some design also comes with a wine crate;

where you can neatly arrange six different bottles. The locking mechanism for this basket is innovative, and you will love its design. Among all products, this unique basket comes in cuboid and cylindrical form in either brown or green color.


1、The basket is multipurpose.

2、It can keep drinks cold for a longer time.

3、Great design.

Creative pp rattan storage basket with ice bag


5、Animal fruit tray knitted basket and rattan fruit basket.

How would you feel having an antelope-like basket containing fruits on your living room center table? That is the fun in using the creative animal rattan basket. The animal-like basket has a flat base that gives space for as many fruits as possible.

You would love the stack your vegetables in it because of the way it keeps them fresh and intact. It can also be used to serve hamburgers, French fries, fruits, and keeping condiments. The polypropylene rattan basket has a soft touch handle, and it is hand-woven.

The features including:

1、Ample space to contain as much food substance as possible.

2、100% natural rattan.

3、Attractive and eco-friendly.

creative animal fruit tray Plate knitted basket and rattan fruit basket


6、Handmade Bicycle Woven Natural Rattan Bread Fruit Basket.

The three-wheel hand-woven bicycle basket is all you needed for your purchase. The bicycle basket would ease your stress in moving fruits and pieces of bread around the house for a party. The basket and its three wheels are entirely natural, and the design is eco-friendly.

The lightweight basket attached to the bicycle comes in three sizes. And each size is big enough to carry at least eight pieces of bread at once. The underneath support of the bicycle is powerful to keep it stable under heavy load.

The features of the basket including:

1、Multipurpose usage.

2、It can contain a large amount of content.

3、It has big wheels for faster movement with the application of less effort.

Handmade Bicycle Woven Natural Rattan Wicker Basket Bread Fruit Basket


7、Food Grade Plastic Rattan Bread Basket with cover.

This basket is one of the rarest designs of a pp rattan basket in the sense that it has an additional transparent plastic cover. The product has much use in the kitchen or supermarket for storing bread, fish, fruits, and vegetables.

You can also remove the cover to convert it into a large tray for serving meals. With this basket, you can comfortably carry fresh sandwiches and fries to a friend’s place. The fantastic thing about this basket is that you don’t have to open for others to see.


1、It has a cover to keep food healthy and fresh.

2、It is comfortable to carry.

3、Transparent for others to see it’s content and no removing the cover.

Eco-Friendly Food Grade Plastic Rattan Bread Basket With Cover


8、Storage Carry Food Plastic Rattan Basket.

This product can serve both in the kitchen and shopping mall. You can use it to replace the old compartment on your shelf, but you need to select the correct size. It has the handle that enables you to carry and slide the basket out of the shelves. You can also use the basket to pack your dirty clothes for laundry.

Among all other baskets in this article, this basket is the most suitable for storing big fruits. For those that have a fireplace, you can use this basket to store firewood till they are ready to be thrown into the fire.


1、It is multipurpose. Use for clothing, bath & beauty products, toys, school supplies and so on.

2、Storage containers with built-in stainless steel handle for easy transport

Storage Carry Food Plastic Rattan Basket

9、Animal Shape PP Rattan Basket for Kid education and storage basket.

Children’s toys can get the house messy if not well managed. Therefore, I recommend that parents buy this basket for their kids to store their toys. The different animal heads woven together with the basket will attract your kids to the basket. They can also use it to move their toys and books to a friend house.

As for Flower lovers, the basket can be used to hold flowers on the dining table. The product is environmentally friendly and multipurpose. It can be used as Kids toy storage baskets, fruit, bread storage basket. Another factor that must make you consider this product is its large size. You can easily pack so many contents in it at once.


1、Strong basket with precious design.

2、100% natural rattan basket.

3、Free of harmful chemicals.

Animal Shape PP Rattan Basket for Kid education and storage basket

10、Beautiful PP Rattan plastic basket and Vegetable food basket.

This basket marks another animal-like polypropylene rattan basket that makes it to our list this year. The duck-like basket is enough to handle all your fruit disorderliness in the kitchen. You can also use it display sandwiches, fries, snacks, bread, vegetables, and condiments in the store.

The design of the basket makes it desirable for use in supermarkets, offices, hotels, coffee shops, and other public places. The hand-woven product is made from Polypropylene plastic, and it is produced in various colors. You can maintain the basket by only washing and cleaning with a towel.

The features of this product are:

1、It is eco-friendly.

2、The cost is very cheap.

PP Rattan plastic basket and Vegetable food wash basket

Above are the best 10 creative PP rattan baskets this year. They are multipurpose and usually use in the store and supermarket, for displaying fruits and bread and so on. which is the reason why more and more people use pp rattan basket recently.

Our factory can make all of them by hand woven. And always keep the high quality. If you are interested in them, please contact us.

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