what is rattan basket?

Rattan basket is lightweight and used as storage space. it can hold large loads and are made from trees found in part of southeast Asia and Africa. You can get it from rattan palm frond from the wild or private farms. Rattan palms are mainly distribute in the wild and plantations in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand. The frond is then woven into a basket that is durable and does not get damaged during weather changes.

Rattan baskets can have different shapes and sizes and can be made in different colors. they are mostly used to store clothes, foods, and bread. People usually use rattan baskets for laundry and bakery. they usually have handles or covers. and have different shapes, such as small or big, round or rectangular, etc.

The palms used to look like vines than trees. you can find them near the forest floor attaching to trees surrounding it. It is usually harvested without making the plant dies and the fronds can grow very quickly after harvesting.

What Is PP Rattan Basket And Why You Need It?

In areas where palm fronds are harvested, artisans weave the palm fronds into baskets, mats and some household materials. local weavers make rattan basket manually. or using some machines to weave the basket in the factory.

Most rattan baskets are inexpensive, the cost depends on the brand, intricacy and the method of weaving. palms are the only raw material needed for the making of rattan baskets.

Rattan baskets can be made into different colors. maintain the color of light brown to deep brown, which does not need any treatment or stain the materials placed inside the basket. Their structure is almost the same as willow baskets, bamboo basket which is used for the same purpose. The main characteristic of the rattan basket is that they only need palm fronds to make them.

They are sometimes sold as wicker basket which is different in design to rattan basket, which is woven in a particular way and make use of different types of fibers. Most rattan baskets are wicker basket but not all wicker baskets are rattan basket since it may not contain any rattan.

What Is PP Rattan Basket And Why You Need It?

What is PP Rattan Basket?

Polypropylene rattan basket also called PP rattan basket. It makes from polypropylene which is a type of plastic used to make bottle caps, drinking straws, yogurt containers, car fenders, and plastic pressure pipes.

PP rattan basket can be made into many shapes, such as large rattan basket, small rattan basket, rattan rectangular basket, square rattan basket, round rattan basket, tall rattan basket, long rattan basket and so on.

According to customer demand, PP rattan basket can make into a variety of colors, such as grey rattan basket, black rattan basket, white rattan basket, gray rattan basket and so on.

PP rattan basket is environmentally friendly, durable, and does not age, they are moisture-proof and are non-toxic. They have high-temperature resistance, low density, lightweight, they don’t corrode or rust. PP rattan basket is used for daily necessities packaging, bakery, supermarket food, hotel supplies, fruits and vegetable basket.

Reasons For Using PP Rattan Basket


PP rattan basket is very light when empty, but can hold a lot of heavy objects easily without breaking. PP rattan basket can be used both indoors and outdoors. For example, laundry basket, since it can hold a lot of clothes owned by the members living in the house, it can also be used to carry a lot of other items because it can be easy to carry everywhere.


PP rattan basket is cheap since the raw materials needed are polypropylene and palm fronds, which are abundant in nature and can be found in the plantations.


PP rattan baskets can be used for home decoration. it makes the home clean, warm and inviting giving a friendly feeling and a beautiful view. They can be colored and arranged with different fabrics to create a stunning sensation in the home,  since it can be made into different designs based on the method of weaving the artisans uses, different shapes, colors, the size of the PP rattan basket which are selected depending on individual taste.

What Is PP Rattan Basket And Why You Need It?


PP rattan baskets are not affected by any type of climate. They do not rust or corrode when exposed to sunlight and moisture or dissolved oxygen. They have the most natural raw materials in the world. because the rattan trees grow very easily at a high speed, and they require low maintenance when harvesting and during transportation. Harvesting rattan palms require only using simple harvesting tools that are easy to carry.

PP rattan basket is as environmentally friendly as ordinary rattan baskets.


PP rattan baskets are very flexible. when heavy objects are placed in the basket, it is able to hold the objects without distorting the shape of it. The PP rattan basket cannot be broken or damaged since it is elastic and can store all types of heavy object.

6)EASY MAINTENANCE: PP rattan baskets are very easy to clean and maintain. you just need to wipe the dust stuck on the basket with a clean dry or a wet towel,  making the PP rattan basket to be more durable and to last longer.

 7)ARTISTIC MATTING: PP rattan baskets can be weaved in different shapes, sizes, and types. Which gives a good impression on users. rattan baskets made with plastic are more interesting and have high artistic value compared to the ordinary basket made with rattan.

What Is PP Rattan Basket And Why You Need It?


According to the use purpose, PP rattan basket has many kinds. Such as rattan storage basket, rattan laundry basket, rattan waste basket; rattan bread basket, rattan fruit basket and so on. It can use in the household for decoration and laundry. and in the supermarket for shopping for groceries and daily necessities.

Considering all the reasons for using PP rattan baskets listed above, it is seen that PP rattan baskets products are commonly used anywhere in the world and are very useful for various tasks. they can also be made depending on the buyer’s taste or preference, that is depending on the shape, color, and size the individual wants and for what purpose. PP rattan baskets are more durable, anti-aging, non-toxic compared to wicker baskets or bamboo baskets.

What Is PP Rattan Basket And Why You Need It?

How to Maintain PP Rattan Basket?

PP rattan baskets are susceptible to dust and dirt, which are found in between the weaves when they are not cleaned regularly. Not all rattan baskets are made from the same materials. some are made from natural plants, fibers, plastics or papers. and makes some of the rattan basket to be cleaned using dry methods while some baskets can be cleaned using mild liquid dish soap.

1)When you are cleaning the PP rattan baskets. you may notice a musty smell with tiny spots on the basket, shows that there is mold on the basket caused by exposure to a moist environment. Using white vinegar and water, add about one-third of the white vinegar to the remaining two-thirds of water, then dip a soft towel in the mixture and clean the spots on the basket thoroughly. you can also use a brush to clean the difficult spots on the basket. Clean the basket once again after removing all the spots with a damp towel and allow the basket to dry.

2)When using dry methods to clean rattan baskets, use a duster that is soft to touch to clean the baskets without damaging the basket. You can also use a vacuum with brush attachment by first wiping the basket with a microfiber cloth, then vacuum the rattan baskets with the brush attachment by cleaning the grooves between the weaves. For delicate baskets, use a vacuum hose by holding it a bit away from the basket and using a soft bristle brush to remove the dust. This method keeps the rattan baskets dust-free, makes it look inviting and prevents dirty that are hard to remove.

What Is PP Rattan Basket And Why You Need It?

3)If the PP rattan basket is still dirty after dusting, put a soft towel or microfiber cloth into a bowl of water with a little mild dish soap, then wring out the water in the cloth till it is damp, so as not to soak the basket which may damage the basket. Clean the whole basket thoroughly. then clean it again with another cloth and ordinary water without adding any soap. After then dry the rattan basket in a well-ventilated area since damp basket can distort and stretch the shape of the rattan basket. Ensure the basket is completely dried before placing any objects in it.

4)Synthetic basket such as PP rattan basket which is made from polypropylene, polyethylene or polyurethane can be cleaned using a hose. It can be cleaned more vigorously compared with other rattan basket made from natural plants. First dust the basket with a duster or vacuum, then clean with a soft cloth placed in a bowl of warm water with a little dish soap. Rinse with a hose then dry with a cloth or towel or place in a well-ventilated area for drying.

If you follow any of these methods, your PP rattan basket will last longer. and won’t get damaged easily or the shape gets distorted.

I hope this article has given you some idea of the PP rattan basket. If you are interested in these baskets, you can check out them on our website.

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