Rattan Laundry Basket with Lid Brown Standard in 2020

Rattan Laundry Basket with Lid Brown Standard in 2020

Rattan Laundry Basket with Lid Description

Maintaining orderliness and serenity in the house shouldn’t be the cause of stress or headache. You deserve a rest of mind and must be ready to accept visitors into your home at any time, knowing that your clothes, books, kid’s toys, and clutters are in their appropriate places. This dream is achievable with the right equipment, or let’s say with a basket.

A basket is a great storage idea in the house. They are suitable for all parts and rooms of the house. A basket is at its best when it’s constructed and crafted from natural material. This quality always enables them to blend with the house’s furniture and interior design, unlike those made of plastic or metals. In this review, we are introducing you to a natural, multipurpose, and beautiful PP rattan laundry basket.

Rattan Laundry Basket with Lid

For those coming across PP rattan for the first time, it is a strong material derived from palm fronds. Meanwhile, the PP stands for polypropylene. The material is usually gotten from farms in Asia and Africa. Those used in the making of the PP rattan laundry basket are only sourced from farms producing the best and reliable ones. This basket is reinforced on all corners and edges for durability. Racking and threading is not a problem as we usually have in other baskets.

One of the remarkable qualities of this Wimarsbon foldable synthetic PP rattan basket is that it’s waterproofed. You should look into it if you need storage for your books. Another thing is that there are Silica gel feet on the four corners to separate the bottom of the basket from the ground. This separation is to lengthen the basket’s lifespan so that there won’t be wear or tear when the basket is being dragged on the floor.

Rattan Laundry Basket with Lid

The vast storage capacity offered by this basket is another fantastic feature. You can even divide the basket into sections for you to locate and access your items easily. Are you looking for a storage hamper that will keep your books or documents fresh and without dust? Then, you should invest in this product. There is a flip lid that covers and keeps the basket contents safe. Handles are also attached for you to move the basket around the house conveniently without any stress.

PP rattan basket products always stand different from other woven materials with their beauty. The material usually results in a craft that has the beauty that meets the eyes. However, this product possesses more than a natural aesthetic. The brown color used upon it makes it more appealing. Nobody will see it in your room or laundry without either giving a compliment or make inquiries on how to get one for themselves.


·         Very accommodative
·         Attractive and classic design
·         Large storage capacity
·         Ergonomic handle
·         Durable and Reliable
·         Easy to move around the house
·         It comes with an extra liner and accessories bags.
·         It’s easy to assemble.
·         No wheels for movement
Details of this rattan laundry basket with lid:
Product name rattan laundry basket with lid
Material rattan
Shape  rectangular
Color  As the picture
Unit Size 32*42*46     27*35*38
Feature  eco-friendly
QTY  depends
 500 pcs
Application  home decor/Storage/ household products/gift/souvenir
Technology  handmade
Style  rural,modern
Rattan Laundry Basket with Lid
Rattan Laundry Basket with Lid Brown Standard in 2020

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