15Dec 2019
rattan basket

WHAT IS RATTAN BASKET Most baskets are made of willow, twigs and native grasses such as parades, coconut fibre found in Pacific Island of Polynesia; sea grasses used in artic and subarctic; swamp ash used in New England; spruce root, Cedar bark and swamp grass used by the Northwestern tribe in weaving baskets which is […]

25Nov 2019
6 Clever Ways to Use Rattan Waste Basket and Trash Basket

Rattan waste basket and trash containers are small and compact containers used for the storage of trash. In other words, they are simply used to collect various articles or materials that are not needed anymore and due for disposal. They are friendly and always accessible. When trash baskets are put to good use, home organization […]

04Oct 2019
rattan laundry basket

To design a beautiful and lovely kitchen demands that you make use of your imagination to the best of your ability. It implies that you do everything possible to put your dream into reality. But to achieve this, one has to place more attention to ensuring that the products get the right position. All this […]

15Sep 2019
PP Rattan Basket and bread rattan basket

what is rattan basket? Rattan basket is lightweight and used as storage space. it can hold large loads and are made from trees found in part of southeast Asia and Africa. You can get it from rattan palm frond from the wild or private farms. Rattan palms are mainly distribute in the wild and plantations […]

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