Rattan waste basket and trash containers are small and compact containers used for the storage of trash. In other words, they are simply used to collect various articles or materials that are not needed anymore and due for disposal. They are friendly and always accessible.

When trash baskets are put to good use, home organization tasks become very simple. Aside from their use as waste collectors, they can be used widely in many areas domestically.

6 Clever Ways to Use Rattan Waste Basket and Trash Basket

Below is an outline of the various ways that rattan waste basket can be used:

  • For storing letter: Letters are paper pieces with various information- personal and corporate as it may be. There’s need to keep them safe for reference purposes. so, they must be properly preserved. Hence, the suggestion that waste baskets can adequately hold them away from the floor directly or wooden cupboards where infestation or contact with water is possible. Traditional waste baskets could be your safe haven for those envelopes housing your wonderful reminisces.
  • Umbrella Stand by the Door: It is common place to find people stick their umbrellas in one corner of their room or on the floor. For those who have more than one umbrella, there’s a chance to have them scattered around the room, or, on the cupboard. The handle of the umbrella is stuck somewhere not easily reachable under the bed. Instead of having it all around, why not consolidate it beautifully in one place with one piece? – This is where the traditional waste basket comes in. The traditional waste basket is placed by the door to offer an easy to reach position whenever the need arises. Also, for people who have more than one umbrella, a clear display of your umbrella collections in one place makes it cool.

6 Clever Ways to Use Rattan Waste Basket and Trash Basket

  • Large Waste Baskets Can be used for Laundry Basket: When people use clothes and they can’t have them washed immediately, there’s an option of putting all clothes due for laundry in one place after use, until they are plenty enough for laundry. Even after the laundry is done, people who have plenty of clothes than they can hang or what their wardrobes could hold can easily make use of the traditional basket. The traditional basket offers the alternative of carefully stacking such surplus collections in large laundry baskets. So you get to see how much of your clothes are available for use and the ones due for laundry real time.
  • Store For Rolled Towels in The Bathroom: It has become peoples’ tradition to throw their towels over the bathroom doors or spread lines. Rolling your towels inside the traditional waste baskets is not a bad idea either. Doing this, you get to clear the excess material on the door. While the towel is in the baskets, they get exposed to a measure of air for them to dry faster and you can always pick them up very easily whenever you need them. You could even have such baskets suspended if you wish.
  • Store for old newspapers: If it has not been in used perhaps it wouldn’t be easy to recommend. Traditional waste basket is widely used as store for old newspapers. When the items accumulate up to a point where the shelves and desks may not hold them again, there would be a need for an extension. The waste basket can be considered as a better alternative. One can keep old newspapers without fear of contact with water or invasion by termites or other pests. This function is not limited to just newspapers after all, even old books can be stored likewise. One would always have such stuffs accumulating. Waste basket has an advantage over the use of desk because, it is mobile, friendly and open.
  • Storage containers for kids: Bright colours are natural attractions for kids and adults who fancy glossy things. A container with a single bright colour or an array of colour would stand out even at the corner of the room. For kids who love to collect various stuff and items together, there’s need to have a proper way to store those collections. Hence, the use of waste baskets especially the ones with a single bright colour or collection of colours.

Rattan waste baskets with bright colours are natural complements for kids setting. This way, kids get to behold their collection store with warmness in their eyes.

These are the other usages of the rattan waste basket, and you can find more if you want. You will find this kind of baskets are very interesting and useful.

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